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Since opening over 4 1/2 years ago, Animal House Rescue & Grooming, Inc. has filled an important role in this community. As a non-profit, licensed animal shelter at the corner of Vine and Shields we provide support to over 25 other shelters and rescues. Working with shelters such as Larimer Humane Society, Longmont Humane Society and Weld County Humane Society to name a few, over 1,500 families have found loving pets through our shelter. For more information about our unique animal shelter, please visit or call (970) 224-DOGS (3647). //// Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic was founded in June 2006 with the mission to 'make every cat a wanted cat'. In the last 5 years the organization has grown at an incredible rate, and has helped thousands of animals and community members. Over this period our services have expanded to help many dogs in addition to cats, and our mission is changing to making every pet a wanted pet. From sheltering and adopting out homeless cats, to offering low-cost veterinary services to the community and other animal rescue groups, our organization has become indispensable. With your help Fort Collins Cat Rescue can continue to offer its current services, grow the current services, and also create new programs that center around keeping animals in their current homes so they don't ever need to go to a shelter. For more information about Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic, visit or call (970) 484-8516. //// It is the mission of Larimer Humane Society to promote and provide the responsible care and treatment of animals. Our staff works diligently providing shelter to stray animals, medical attention to injured animals, and helping homeless animals find loving homes. Our efforts reach beyond the traditional animal shelter to include rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife and care to exotic pets and farm animals. Your contribution allows us to provide for nearly 12,000 homeless animals each year, and remain an open-door agency, accepting any animal in need. For more information about Larimer Humane Society, visit or call (970) 226-DOGS (3647).

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