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Josh's youngest daughter hugging him goodbye. He's been in Haiti operating on hundreds of patients. Please help him get much needed medical supplies now!!!

Jon's and my brother/brother-in-law, Dr. Joshua Hyman, has been operating on both children and adults all week in Haiti. He is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at NY Presbyterian Hospital but is in Haiti under the auspices of the University Of Miami.

We have all been looking for places to give that will have an immediate effect in Haiti. An effect this week, not weeks from now. The Huffington Post says that both the University Of Miami (Project Medishare) and the Israeli Military are doing the best, most efficient work down there and that they are the two places people should donate money to in order to get instant results. Here is a link to that article:


Josh landed and immediately started performing amputations on children, many of whom have lost parents. We have been asking him all week where people should give to, and he's finally given us a link to the place that will get him what he needs now: Medishare.

Please, please help get supplies and doctors down there today, not next week when it's too late for so many.

A lot of us have already donated something, but whether it's $5 or $5,000, please give again if you can and please pass this on to everyone you know.

Jon and I have had such a feeling of helplessness here as we're sure many of you do, but now we can do something to help Josh and the other surgeons he's working with firsthand. Thank you and feel free to email us with any questions.

Susan and Jon

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