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S U P P O R T   A   V O C A T I O N  ~  M A K E   A   D O N A T I O N

Each vocation is a Miracle for the Church… some of these Miracles need your help to be realized.

My fellow Labouré Aspirants and I are raising funds to deliver our class of future priests, sisters and brothers into formation for the priesthood or religious life. With the gift of advanced graduate education this class brings to their religious institutes comes a large collective vocation blocking obstacle of student loan debt. This class would need to raise $1.14 million dollars by December 31st for all of us to enter formation in January.

As a step toward this goal, each Aspirant like me is asked to raise the average Labouré Aspirant student loan debt of $60,000. Many of us have loans greater than that amount and may require participation in multiple classes to merit an award large enough to mitigate our student loans and enter formation.

My fellow Aspirants and I are grateful for your generous support. In making our vocation possible you become part of our gift to God. Please know you are and will remain in our prayers of gratitude. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or the staff of Labouré with any questions.
God Bless you!

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