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Rabi's Karaoke Challenge!!!
The more we raise, the louder I belt

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Please Support Me in the Wellspring Care Dare!

I am taking the Wellspring Care Dare!

I am going to sing on karaoke night at the Ivy Arms in Milton. Once I reach my goal of $1000, you are invited to join in on Thursday, March 31st at 8 pm, and for those who can't make it, I will send you a video of the night's events. Please arrive by 8 as it gets very busy quickly.

I am a 3 time cancer survivor, and the second time I was sick I was told the tumour wrapped around my voice box could result in me losing my voice, but even if the removal went successfully, I would have a very raspy and rough voice, and it may be painful to talk. When I woke up, I pushed past the pain and didn't stop talking until I sounded normal again, but when I tried to sing, I realized my larynx didn't go unscathed.

I only ever sing for myself, I've never sang for an audience. Music is something that has expressed more emotions for me than any combination of words ever could. That same catharsis it provides is what I found at Wellspring.

I always considered myself to have all the support I needed and really, what else did a person need? You get sick, you spend more time with your loved ones and get through it until you can get back to normal life, right? I told myself that, I got by, but this build up of something restless kept trying to surface and I just supressed it thinking it had no reason to exist, and therefore I'd just get over it.

Wellspring provided the perfect healing space. It helped me attain what I needed before I even realized I needed it. When I needed one on one support, I had it. When I needed to get lost in my own head, I got to do so comfortably. When I needed to express myself and be heard, I was met with patience and true understanding. When I needed to feel normal, there was a whole army of people, who just got it. I didn't need to sit there and find the words to go on about my fight, they just got it. WE don't realize how powerful a healing tool that is, people who just get us. This allowed me to slowly start building myself back up, because one of the hardest things to wrap your head around is that after cancer, "normal" gets redefined. I understood this, finally, after my 3rd battle with cancer, when I finally found the support I needed, and was able to tell people in my life who I was and what I needed. Cancer is not my life's definition, but it did reshape it and believe it or not, came with a lot of hidden blessings. I can talk about my journey with ease with anyone now. I know the role it's played in my life.

In this sense, Wellspring gave me my voice back, in more than one way. So I'm inviting you to help me support this invaluable group of people, who have created a home away from home, for so many of us fighting to build our lives and ourselves up again. Here's the disclaimer though : I know at least one person who would pay me NOT to sing so please invest in the support system, and not my voice :P

I'm going to be shaking in my boots, but with your support, I'll get over that stage fright and give it my best!
Not everyone has a support system, and it's our duty to our community to take care of each other. Even those with plenty of family and friends will feel isolated and not know what's missing. I wish I could share this hidden gem of love and support with everyone who I know is out there and needs it.

Funds raised provide free life-changing support programs for cancer patients and their families.

Please help me reach my fundraising goal and together, let's dare to care for those who need it the most.
Thank you for your support.
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