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Fundraiser by Apoorva Panidapu

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Join me in my efforts to support the children in Africa

In Africa, hunger is a constant, chronic pain gnawing away at hungry children. We must do everything we can to aid the children in this unfortunate situation in Africa, and we canít do it without you. Right now, children are living on the brink of famine and millions of girls and boys need emergency food assistance to survive. We can help them by providing them with funds.

I am supporting - Child Hunger and Famine Relief Fund. It covers the countries of Somalia, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Somaliaís children are at imminent risk of starvation, and conditions are near famine. Parts of South Sudan are already in the grips of famine. Children across East Africa - including those in Ethiopia, Kenya and the many who have fled to Uganda - are fighting extreme hunger. The U.N. declares this catastrophe the largest humanitarian crisis since 1945. The time to take action is now. Your gift will replace their hunger with hope by providing the lifesaving care that is so desperately needed. By giving today, youíll help provide food, clean drinking water, lifesaving medical care, hygiene to prevent diseases from spreading and so much more. The priority is to reach children under age 5, who are less able to withstand acute malnutrition and are more susceptible to diseases such as measles, malaria and cholera.

I am raising funds by selling my art work, sketching portraits on request and teaching kids.

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Please join me in supporting this great cause. Your contribution is greatly appreciated!
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