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When I was going through a particularly hard time, I found a picture that would fit the wall of my house perfectly. I felt called, however, to avoid purchasing the picture and instead to “go.” I can’t fully explain where I was supposed to go, just that I knew going was the answer. I came across that picture several times over the next six months, but avoided the urge to purchase it, even though I felt drawn to it.

When I was on a tour of Franciscan Mission Service for my Discernment Days, I found again that very same picture, on the wall of my new guest home. The picture was an extremely captivating, breathtaking view of a bridge leading to trees in the background. What was so captivating about the picture was that it appeared as if you could walk directly into the picture. The picture was also surreal in that the sides of it were a bit blurry, lending the imagination to the fact that you could go anywhere.

Throughout my entire life, I have been called to mission. There was never a question of whether I would go, only when and to where. When I arrived at Franciscan Mission Service for a time of discerning, I stopped short when I saw the picture. I knew that I was in the right place, at the right time, without a shadow of a doubt.

This January, I will be journeying to Bolivia to walk alongside those who have not been gifted with the material possessions that we have become so accustomed to taking for granted in our everyday lives; however, I am certain that what they have to give will be from a much deeper and more spiritually satisfying well. I am looking forward to the honor of sharing their nourishment, body and soul.
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