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Mark Koch

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Join me in my efforts to support Cancer Research Institute!

This Sunday, March 17th I'm running NYC's 1/2 Marathon alongside fellow members of the Cancer Research Institute YP Board and other charitable organizations.

While I have a few days left to prepare for this race, it's most importantly a time to continue raising awareness for CRI, its most meaningful cause in supporting scientists to develop immunotherapies that will extend the lives of cancer patients, and to enlist support from those who still may wish to participate.

My sincerest thanks to all of you who've supported me (and CRI) thus far; notably, Id like to thank my sister and brother, and their families, as well as colleagues, industry friends, and friends.

I am running Sunday in memory of my beautiful mother, Judith Zietz Tinsley. I am running in memory of John Loney (a colleague who lost this battle a few months back), Eileen Rubin (a relative), in loving memory of Joshua Shuki Segal (from the Segal family) and the too many others who've fallen to this horrific disease. I will be thinking about those we've lost and those who may one day be spared this ultimate fight because of what we are all doing in support of CRI.

Please, consider donating to make yourself a part of this historical effort! Lastly, I would like to thank my company, Level 3 Communications, for their commitment to social responsibility, as it has enabled me to prepare for this race, aside from supporting me with it.

Remember, any money donated through my page goes directly to the Cancer Research Institute, a highly rated charity, who is advancing immunology to conquer cancer; you will receive a receipt in the mail for tax purposes.

I hope you will partner with me to do our part in fighting this devastating disease.

I look forward to this meaningful run and the assistance we will bring to CRI's mission.

All the best,

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