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Alan Gard

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Please join me in putting your name on The List of Alijah's Chariots

5:00 a.m. 5.11.12, my wife wakes me up, "My water broke!" This was unexpected as she was not due for another 5 weeks. This was just the first of our surprises with Alijah. The next was that after he was born we found out he had Down syndrome.

In honor of Alijah, I will be participating in the 2013 Hundred Hole Hike for the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) June 24th at Friend Country Club.

The Hundred Hole Hike is a national network of golf marathons where participants walk 100 or more holes of golf in one day in service to various worthwhile charitable causes.

NDSS works to create a culture in which all people with Down syndrome have the opportunity to enhance their quality of life, realize their life aspirations, and become valued members of welcoming communities.

The prophet Elijah was spirited to heaven in a chariot of fire. We've used this as inspiration to name the team of people supporting our son: "Alijah's Chariots". We are committed to carrying Alijah over the hills and valleys so that he and others like him can fulfill their potential.

If you are willing, please add your name to Alijah's Chariots by pledging to support my Hike. You can pledge a flat amount, or get creative and offer incentives for holes walked, birdies, eagles...have fun with it! While the goal is to raise money, the real value is being able to show Alijah and all people with Down syndrome The List of those who have said we will support and care about you...we will be your Chariots! That will be a gift that lasts Alijah his whole life.

Please consider donating on this page or going to my page at to make a pledge. There, you can also read my blog entries as I prepare for my hike.

Thank you for your generosity of spirit in joining The List of Chariots!

The Gard Family

***Post Hike Update...
I surpassed my goal and walked 110 holes on June 24th despite a 90 minute lightning/rain delay. To read more about my Hike, please read my blog at

Thanks again for your generous support of my Hike and NDSS!

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