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A Note from the Director

Dear ,

I am writing to alert you to a deplorable ad campaign currently running on the Web site of a major U.S. university student newspaper. Paid for by a Holocaust denial group, the ad links to a hate-filled Web site designed to manipulate young minds.

These days it’s easy and cheap to propagate hate: the ad cost a mere $75 to run for 30 days. We cannot afford to be silent in the face of such offensive and dangerous rhetoric. Please help the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum continue to disseminate the truth about the Holocaust by making a generous gift today.

While we can’t stop haters, we can minimize their impact. But we need your help.

Spreading hate and lies is cheap: it cost only $75 for one Holocaust denial group to reach tens of thousands of students. Today, I ask you to take a stand against those who spread such venom by making a $75 gift of your own.
While their $75 goes to promoting antisemitism and hate, your $75 will combat denial by preserving and presenting the truth. Please support this vital work.


Sara J. Bloomfield


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