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John Kasich for Governor

$20.10 for 2010

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Exactly one year from today, Ohioans across the state will vote in the 2010 Governor’s race. Ohio's unemployment has skyrocketed to historically high levels...Millions of Ohio families are still struggling...Folks are still losing their homes...Seniors have put retirement plans on hold. We can do better

Ohioans are ready for a new team of forward-thinking leaders who can get our state back on a positive track. I'm ready to lead that team. And I am honored to have you by my side as we continue to work together in the coming months to win the Governor's race. 

I am asking you to support our movement to bring a new way and a new day to our state by making a donation of at least $20.10 for change in 2010.

Today, we are launching an effort to get 2,010 donations in the month of November to bring reforms to Ohio in 2010. It’s critical that we join together and make our voices heard about the need for principled leadership which can recharge our great state.

Please visit my website and make a contribution of at least $20.10 to make your mark for change in 2010. You can even download a widget to show your support and the progress of our push for 2,010 donations.

This election is more than a campaign. It is a movement, and we need your help to ensure that we have the resources to continue this fight and make Ohio’s future bright.

Please forward this email on to your friends and family members to help bring real solutions to Ohio.

Thank you for your support,


John Kasich, Candidate for Governor of Ohio


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