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January 18, 2013

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Study Confirms "Optimal Outcomes"

Research confirms that a small subset of children with an early diagnosis of autism overcome their ASD disabilities. More study is needed on factors that make a difference. Learn more.


In Their Own Words: 25 Things

Laura Shumaker shares '25 random things about motherhood, autism style' in this 'In Their Own Words' post.


Leading the Way: Autism Friendly Youth Organizations

Unfortunately, we hear far too often about boys and girls with autism facing barriers to participating fully in youth community organizations. With help from respected experts in the field of autism and special education, experienced parents and caregivers, we have created Leading the Way: Autism Friendly Youth Organizations, a guide for organizations to ensure that youth with autism have the same formative experiences through community programs that are available to their typical peers.

Slow Start for Autism Benefits in New Health Care Exchanges

Fewer than half the states are including ABA coverage as an essential health benefit in the exchanges which launch next year. Autism Speaks faults federal health officials for refusing to require the states to include it. Learn more.

The Autism Speaks Network Launched

Autism Speaks has launched The Autism Speaks Network, a new digital network designed to be the home of premier autism video content online and mobile. The Autism Speaks Network (TASN) is a subsidiary of Autism Speaks and will curate important shows like Autism Live, @AspergerSadie, Kerry's Korner, The Autism Team, The Dr. G Aspie Show and Autism Today TV, and house them in one location for simple and convenient viewing. Download today for iOS and Android and read a blog post introducing @AspergerSadie.

The Six Degree Project

The 6° Project is a way for our community to raise awareness for people living with autism working off the basis that we are all connected to each other through 6° of separation. This project was developed by passionate students at Northern Secondary School in Toronto, spearheaded collaboratively by student and autism advocate Carly Fleischmann, and students Emily Albert and Mia Kibel. Visit the 6° Project site.

Double Deals Donation Program by Restaurant.com

Autism Speaks is now part of the Double Deals Donation Program by Restaurant.com. Buy a $25 Restaurant.com eCard & get a free $25 voucher to donate to Autism Speaks.

This Week on the Autism Speaks Blog

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Guidance on Probiotics
NBC's Parenthood Tackles Puberty
Communicating Autism Risk
Road Trip to Los Angeles ***** (5 Stars)
Conquer the Canyon


  Cord Blood Banking

Cord blood to treat autism? Answers in the "Got Questions?" blog

Environmental Epigenetics Symposium

Exploring the link between environmental epigenetics and autism

Autism Investment Conference

Promoting business development and investment in autism

New Science, Fresh Hope for Autism

Reuters spotlights the promising results of early clinical trials of the drug arbaclofen for autism-related social impairments.

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  ABA Prevails Again in Court

Ohio ordered to use federal IDEA fundings

"I'm Ava's Mom"

Georgia mom launches insurance reform campaign

Florida Fights Medicaid Ruling

Autism Speaks intervenes for families

Oregon Bill Endorsed

First autism insurance reform bill for 2013

Hawkeye Alert

2013 campaign kicks off Feb. 7


Family Services

Community Grants

Funding for community organizations providing services to individuals with autism

Going Out to Eat

Tips and resources to help making dining out successful and fun for everyone!

Adult Services

Information about issues pertaining to adults with autism, including housing and employment


Chef Michael Symon Competes for Autism Speaks

Vote in Kitchen Daily "Favorite Chef" Contest; Winner's Charity to Receive Donation

Skater Crosses Country for Autism Awareness

Meet Brian Patrick and learn about his journey

Congratulations to Miss Montana

Alexis Wineman was "People's Choice" online voting winner at the 2013 Miss America Competition!

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