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On June 4-6, over 50 alumni attended AJC Global Forum in Washington, DC. We came together for a Project Interchange Lunch and Alumni Orientation and then immersed in the conference, networking with people from around the globe, learning from experts, engaging with diplomats and legislators, and being inspired by world leaders. Check out this exciting AJC Project Interchange at 35 video that premiered at AJC Global Forum! 




Lili Kalish Gersch
Director of Alumni Engagement

Learn with PI: Israel Unwrapped

Israel and the Global Cyber Threat
Featuring Eyal Balicer

August 2, 2017 at 12 pm ET

With global cyberattacks on the rise, Israel's expertise in cybersecurity is in great demand.             


How did Israel become a leader in cybersecurity, and how can it continue to help the nations of the world face this growing threat?


Cybersecurity policy expert Eyal Balicer will explore the origins of Israel's cybersecurity innovation ecosystem, the state of the industry, the evolution of the cyber threat landscape, and the role of the Israeli government in strengthening Israel's position as a global security powerhouse.    


Eyal Balicer, an expert in technology oriented policy and business development, is Principal for Glilot Capital Partners, one of the highest performing venture capital firms in the world. Previously, he served as the Head of Research and Analysis at the Israel National Cyber-Bureau in the Prime Minister's Office. 

This call is exclusively for PI alumni. 

Call-In Information: 
U.S. (Toll Free): 800-324-5531
International (Toll): 719-325-3302 (country-specific toll-free available upon request)
Passcode: 898696

Highlights from AJC Global Forum

Couldn't make it to AJC Global Forum this year? Enjoy videos from our many plenary and breakout sessions about Israel. 

Inside Israel

Military Service in Israel

Israel has mandatory conscription for all citizens over 18 who are Jewish, Druze, or Circassian. Here are some fast facts about military service in Israel: 

  • Generally, men serve for two years and eight months and women for two years.
  • Israeli Arab citizens are not conscripted, but they can volunteer for military service. Many Bedouins enlist. 
  • About a quarter of potential draftees are given exemptions from service, many for religious reasons.
  • Some religious men receive deferments, and others serve within a program that combines advanced Talmud studies with military service. Religious women often do alternative national service.
  • Exceptional soldiers are invited to become officers, which requires at least an extra year of service. 
  • Upon completion of service, soldiers are assigned to a reserve force that may be called up in case of emergency.
Alumni News



Influential Alumni
Congratulations to alumni Armando Trull, Neil Kerwin, Steven Knapp and Janet Murguia, who were named the Nation's Capital 100 most influential people for the Latino community by El Tiempo Latino.

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Venture Fund Grantee
The first Alumni Venture Fund grantee, Dr. Joshua Sinai, published his journal article, "Israeli-United States Cooperation: In Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Benefits to the U.S."

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Reunion in Colombia

Alumni from the recent Colombian Media and Opinion Leaders had a seminar reunion in in Bogotá that was attended by nine seminar participants, Colombian Jewish community leaders, and the Israeli Ambassador to Colombia. 


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Recent & Upcoming Seminars
  • EU Officials, May 21-216
  • Ambassadors to the UN, July 1-7
  • African Business Leaders, July 15-21
  • Japanese Foreign Ministry Officials, July 22-28
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Israel News Briefing

Wave of Energy: Israeli Firm Harnessing Sea Power for Mexico Electricity



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In Ramallah, Kushner and Abbas agree "peace will take time"

 This Month in Israeli History

Gilad Shalit's Capture and Release
In the Israeli Defense Forces, "no solider left behind" is sacrosanct. On June 25, 2006, Israeli solider Gilad Shalit, 19, was captured by Palestinian militants in a cross-border raid. Throughout his five-year captivity, Shalit was not granted any visits from the Red Cross or allowed to communicate with his family, and Hamas taunted Israel and the Shalit family about his condition. Despite multiple diplomatic efforts to secure his release, Hamas would not free him. The Israeli public and the international Jewish community took up his case, and in June 2011 Shalit's parents led a protest march from their home in the north to the Prime Minister's house in Jerusalem. In late 2011, Israel and Hamas agreed to a contentious prisoner swap deal, and over 1,000 Palestinian prisoners were freed in exchange for Shalit. Today, Gilad Shalit is a sports columnist for Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth. Unfortunately, some of the prisoners released in the deal returned to terrorism and were responsible for the deaths of a number of Israeli citizens. 

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