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Charlie Melancon’s support for President Obama’s offshore moratorium will kill Louisiana jobs. Melancon has endorsed Obama’s moratorium in numerous interviews and repeatedly makes the point that he thinks offshore rigs are 'toys,' not jobs.

In an already down economy and on top of the immediate job loss from the oil spill, Louisiana's economy can't wait six months like Melancon is suggesting. These are real jobs and real Louisiana families. Estimates show that tens of thousands of jobs could be lost in the next few weeks and 130,000 Louisiana jobs could be lost as a result of Obama's moratorium that Melancon is supporting.

Melancon recently said on WWL-TV in New Orleans after the President's announced moratorium: "Although frustration is mounting, fingers should not be pointed at the President or the federal government."

Melancon has repeatedly defended Obama's job-killing moratorium. In an MSNBC interview, Melancon argued that the oil companies are the problem, not the moratorium: "Just because they want to shut you down for a short period of time, you take your toys and you're going to go somewhere else."

Melancon again defended Obama's six month moratorium and blamed the oil industry in an interview with WDSU TV in New Orleans: "Through the years, we've allowed for the oil industry to ruin our wetlands. Then, they say, 'Now that this is all screwed up and you don't want us to drill for a while, we're going to take our rigs and move.'"

The energy industry is a huge part of Louisiana's economy. Voice your support for Louisiana jobs and Louisiana's economy by sending a message to President Obama and Charlie Melancon that we want to save Louisiana jobs. Thank you in advance for your support of my plan to lift Obama's and Melancon's job-killing offshore moratorium.

Join me in my efforts to lift Obama's offshore moratorium and replace it with immediate, rigorous safety inspections. Help save thousands of Louisiana jobs.



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