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Nancy shared her breast cancer story at a July BPA hearing in California.
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I was 32 years old and pregnant when an invasive breast cancer tumor was found during a routine prenatal check.

When I was diagnosed, the question that came to me was not, Why me? or What did I do wrong? As the first person in my family with breast cancer, I wondered, Where did this come from? In the 13 years since my diagnosis, the question has evolved into, How can I effect change so that this will be different for the next woman, the next generation?

The Breast Cancer Fund is working every single day to find answers to this question. And this Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Breast Cancer Fund is asking our Congressional representatives to do the same by supporting legislation that will:

• Get toxic bisphenol A (BPA) out of food and beverage containers.

• Expand the FDA's authority to regulate cosmetics to make sure they're safe.

• Develop a national health-tracking system that will help us understand the links between diseases like breast cancer and environmental exposures.

• Reform the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) to assess the hazards of chemicals and control those of greatest concern.

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, my legislators will hear from me that we can stop this disease before it starts—we can make sure fewer women get the devastating diagnosis I got—if we commit to making breast cancer prevention a national priority. Will you join me?

Write to Congress today.


Nancy Bellen
Breast Cancer Fund supporter

P.S. Achieving these legislative initiatives is critical to breast cancer prevention. After you write to Congress, please consider making a donation to the Breast Cancer Fund to help us continue national efforts to stop this disease before it starts.

Our Mission: In response to the public health crisis of breast cancer,
the Breast Cancer Fund identifies — and advocates for elimination of —
the environmental and other preventable causes of the disease.
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