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Ask NIH to Stop Funding Research on All Dogs

An end to the use of random source dogs means increased use of dogs from breeders

Help End Cruel NIMH Research on Juvenile Monkeys

Ask the National Institute of Mental Health to stop funding mental health research on juvenile monkeys

Demand that the BLM Implement New Guidelines for Wild Horses

Ask Principal Deputy Director of BLM to adopt recommendations from the National Academy of Science

Demand USDA Inspectors be Properly Trained at the Jobs

Contact Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and demand that his inspectors be properly trained in conducting proper inspections

Hold Personal Care Companies Accountable!

Sign this prewritten letter and tell Avon, Estee Lauder and Mary Kay Cosmetics you will not use their products while they continue to test on animals.

Tell CareerBuilder to Stop Using Chimpanzees in Advertising!

Tell CareerBuilder’s CEO Matthew W. Ferguson to find a new way of marketing his services without harming animals. Sign this prewritten letter today.

UPDATE: Ask Airlines to Stop Transporting Primates to Research Labs

Please send a letter to Air France and tell them to stop transporting nonhuman primates destined for use in laboratories.

Ask Sears to Stop Using Wild Animals for Advertising

End the use of wild animals for advertising

Privately-Owned Chimpanzees Deserve Retirement Too!

Contact facilities still exploiting chimpanzees in research

Demand that the U.S. Forest Service Stop Encouraging the Extermination of Wolves

Ask the Secretary of Agriculture to stop the aggressive killing of wolves

Stop the Construction of Primate Breeding Facility in Florida

Ask the Hendry County Board of County Commissioners to reconsider their approval of this facility

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