Federal Legislation

Federal: Urge Congress to Mandate Emergency Planning for Lab Animals

Name: Animal Emergency Planning Act of 2014
Number: HR 4524

This bill would require research facilities, animal dealers, exhibitors, intermediate handlers and animal carriers to develop and follow a contingency plan to provide for the humane handling, treatment, transportation and housing of animals in the event of a disaster. While states have been required to include provisions for animals in their emergency planning for several years, private entities that routinely use animals in commerce have not had such a requirement. This bill would require research facilities and other covered entities to identify situations where emergency actions may be needed, outline procedures for responding to the emergency and establish who is responsible for carrying out specific emergency procedures. Some research facilities and other entities already have these plans in place for their own laboratories or premises, but many more are lacking these provisions. This plan could save millions of dollars and hundreds—or even thousands— of animal lives when disaster strikes. It is worth noting that the largest commercial enterprises using animals for commercial purposes—agricultural facilities—are not included in this bill.

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