Federal Legislation

Federal: Sunscreen Innovation Act Should Prohibit Use of Animal Testing Data

Name: Sunscreen Innovation Act
Number: S 2141 and HR 4250

This legislation would provide an alternative process for reviewing the active ingredients in non-prescription sunscreens and streamline the approval process for sunscreen products in the future. While the purpose of this legislation may be timely and even advantageous to protect consumer safety and ensure the effectiveness of over-the-counter sunscreen products, the bill specifically allows the use of animal safety data as part of the approval process.

There are many other tests, including the human clinical trials that are required as part of this approval process, that do a better job of predicting whether a particular product is safe for consumers. For new legislation that is aimed at improving the process for approving the sale and marketing of sunscreen products, it is unconscionable that unpredictive and inhumane animal tests are being allowed as a standard to ensure human safety.

While the language accepts the use of animal test data it does not REQUIRE animal testing. That must be changed to PROHIBIT the use of animal test data in submitting a product for Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval.

Call to action:

    1. Please contact your U.S. Senators and Representatives and ask them to support an amendment to this bill prohibiting the use of animal test data. Without that amendment, please OPPOSE passage of this bill.
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