State Legislation

Idaho: OPPOSE AG-GAG Bills That Would Criminalize Exposing Animal Cruelty

Name: Interference with Agricultural Production
Number: SB 1337

In Idaho, where animal activists have already exposed one dairy farm for unlawful and cruel treatment of animals, the legislature has taken an extreme view enacting an ag-gag law. The provisions of this bill are especially harsh because it criminalizes gaining employment for the purpose of documenting animal abuse, and does not allow for any animal abuse reporting whatsoever committed by agricultural operations. Additionally, the bill would make it extremely difficult for whistleblowers within an animal facility to report on animal abuses by requiring judicial or statutory authorization prior to recording the abuses. Essentially, releasing recorded evidence of animal cruelty on agricultural operations, even to law enforcement, would be a self-incriminating act unless the person had judicial or statutorily derived authority to do so.

Call to action:

    1. Please contact your state Representative and ask him/her to OPPOSE passing legislation that would criminalize the efforts of individuals to expose animal abuse and cruelty at agricultural facilities.
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