State Legislation

Pennsylvania: OPPOSE AG-GAG Bills That Would Criminalize Exposing Animal Cruelty

Name: Interference with Agricultural Operations
Number: HB 683

Pennsylvania bill HB 683 proposes to make it unlawful for any person to “interfere” with a livestock or poultry operation. This bill proposes to define interference as the recording of sound or image of a facility, obtaining access under false pretenses, applying for employment at a facility, recording sound or image while trespassing, and making false representations to commit prohibited recording or taping. Those that interfere with livestock production in these ways would be guilty of a misdemeanor. The only exemption is where the owner consented to the interference. Frequently, animal activists will seek employment at agricultural facilities, work as a normal employee, but document and report the illegal behavior they witness. This proposed law is meant to directly combat animal activists who try to expose animal cruelty by recording and documenting abuse at agricultural operations.

Call to action:

    1. Please contact your state Representative and ask him/her to OPPOSE passing legislation that would criminalize the efforts of individuals to expose animal abuse and cruelty at agricultural facilities.
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