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NO ObamaCare Exchange in NJ!

Untitled Document The Supreme Court failed to protect our health care freedom. Now, you and I must win this fight in the political arena! That means putting a stop to the creation of the central pillar of the government takeover: ObamaCare’s health care exchanges!

These bureaucratic exchanges will drive more and more people onto taxpayer-subsidized insurance plans, resulting in higher taxes, higher premiums, fewer jobs and more federal debt!

TAKE ACTION! Send your state senator a message now and tell him/her to OPPOSE the creation of an ObamaCare Exchange in NJ and to stand up for our health care freedom!

Click below to read the facts about Obamacare’s Health Care Exchanges:

• CATO Institute’s Michael Cannon: No ObamaCare Exchanges: Whatever SCOTUS does states should refuse to create exchanges

• AFP Op-Ed: NJ should fight back against federal takeover of health care

Welcometo ObamaCare Part IX: Exchange Flexibility? What Flexibility?

Welcome to ObamaCare, Part VI: Proposed Regulations “Exchange” a Good Idea for a Bad One

Click here to read AFP Foundation’s explanation of how the health care changes will work.

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