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Tell Your Legislator to Vote Against the RGGI Cap & Trade Tax!

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RGGI Means Lost Jobs, Higher Taxes and Less Freedom

CLICK HERE to read the Institute for Energy Research analysis debunking a bogus pro-RGGI “study” that falsely claimed the Cap & Trade scheme has benefitted New Jersey’s economy!

  • FACT: The RGGI Cap & Trade tax has already cost ratepayers $1.6 BILLION dollars, driving up electricity rates, while giving politicians and bureaucrats a slush fund to subsidize failed “green energy” projects and other Solyndra-like schemes!
  • FACT: Market forces have already driven CO2 emission levels in the RGGI states well below the goals set by the Cap & Trade scheme – yet RGGI proponents still want to keep this job-destroying tax!
  • FACT: “According to projections by its own consultants and energy officials” RGGI is not expected to have any effect on reducing carbon emissions until the year 2030. (Source: New Jersey Watchdog)
  • FACT: Despite already having met emissions targets, RGGI bureaucrats are looking to make the cap more stringent – a move that will drive electricity rates even higher and result in even more job losses in New Jersey!

Take Action Now! Tell your representative to oppose the attempt to put New Jersey back in RGGI! Tell them to vote NO on Bill A1998/S1322 !

For more information, please visit www.NoNJCapAndTrade.com

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