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Ask Gov. Beebe and the State Legislature to Rethink Medicaid Expansion

Governor Beebe and the State Legislator are considering a Medicaid overhaul without knowing exactly what the Federal government expects from Arkansans. Before pulling something similar to what Nancy Pelosi suggested (pass a bill to find out what's in it), our elected officials should consider several things.

1) From 2009-2012, Arkansas' Medicaid program, which serves 625,000 of the most vulnerable Arkansans, had a BILLION dollar budget deficit.

2) As part of President Obama's health care law, legislators are being pressured to expand the program by 225,000 more.

3) The expansion will give away private insurance to people who are able to work, but currently do not.

4) This plan will increase spending by $1 BILLION and be paid for by hardworking Arkansas taxpayers.

Tell Governor Beebe and our state legislators that we should take care of our obligation to the most vulnerable by fixing the existing program before we make more promises we can't afford.

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