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The Children's Trust is proud to partner with the Rodman Ride for Kids to stop child abuse before it starts!

The Rodman Ride for Kids is the #1 single-day athletic event supporting kids in the nation.

The Children’s Trust is leading the movement to stop child abuse in Massachusetts.

We give parents the tools and resources to build lifelong skills and gain self-confidence to ensure children grow up safe and healthy.

Our proven programs reflect a fierce commitment to empowering families at the earliest stages and prove the vicious cycle of reoccurring abuse can be stopped.

All Children's Trust programs are grounded in five key conditions which must be in place in order to support the optimal well-being of children and families.

These are:

*parental resilience: developing the ability to cope and bounce back from life’s challenges

*knowledge of parenting and child development: receiving accurate information about raising young children, and learning appropriate and effective strategies to gauge expectations and set limits on child behaviors

*social connections: engaging friends, family members, neighbors, and others in the community who may provide emotional support and assistance

*concrete support in times of need: accessing life essentials such as food, clothing, and housing when there is an immediate need

*social and emotional development of children: fostering a child’s ability to interact positively with others and communicate his or her emotions appropriately