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How We Survived: 52 Personal Stories by Child Survivors of the Holocaust
Name: How We Survived: 52 Personal Stories by Child Survivors of the Holocaust
Description:Published by Child Survivors of the Holocaust, Los Angeles. Second edition, 2016. 
Product Detail:Meet the children from World War II's Europe who faced and survived the reality of Germany's decision to annihilate Judaism at its roots. Experience, through frightened eyes and terrifying memories, the remarkable first hand stories of survival by 52 people who lived as children through this most horrific event of the 20th century, the Holocaust. You will find yourself privileged to become a witness for posterity to these stories of Holocaust survival. This volume of personal accounts is all the more precious because of how few children survived. In Nazi-occupied Europe, 93% of Jewish children were murdered. Every surviving child needed a helping hand, a kind adult (or many), in order to make it. Heroism comes in many guises.

Each one of the stories offers an opportunity to learn from a child's experiences with prejudicial hatred and pure evil, about personal fortitude and resilience, about rare individuals who helped children in need, and about courage.
Features:Hardcover, 476 pages 
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