Community Catalyst is a national, non-profit consumer advocacy organization founded in 1998 with the belief that affordable, quality health care should be accessible to everyone. We work in partnership with national, state and local organizations, and policymakers to ensure consumer interests are represented wherever important decisions about health and the health system are made: in communities, courtrooms, statehouses and on Capitol Hill.

Your gift will help mobilize advocates around the country who are determined to make sure quality, affordable health care is available to everyone — especially those who need it most.

The website that you are trying to reach is no longer active

The website that you are trying to reach is no longer active. Please contact Community Catalyst at with any questions regarding the website.

Please contact the Development Office with any questions about making a contribution, including directions for making gifts of stock, wire transfers, matching gifts, monthly giving, honorary gifts, memorial gifts and/or gift planning. You can email Tory Stephens, Assistant Director of Development, at or call him at 617-275-2984.