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Name: Intensity
Description:The 10th Anniversary Anthology from WriteGirl 
Product Detail:INTENSITY presents creative work by more than 140 writers. Enjoy the intensely passionate voices of these girls and women as they share their creative stories, poetry, lyrics, novel excerpts and perspectives. Get inspired by their candid writing advice throughout the book, and work your way to the closing chapter full of writing experiments where you, too, can explore the intensity of your own emotions and experiences. 
Features:"These girls started with a few words and the seed of an idea. With WriteGirl's encouragement, each girl allowed the words to keep coming until her idea grew into an essay, a story, or a poem. What do writers do? They write. And how lucky we are to have these writers' words to inspire us!" -Carole King, GRAMMY Award-winning singer and songwriter. "The work of these young women reminds me what it's like to be young. Their voices are clear and passionate, carefully observant and exuberant. They celebrate their friends, their neighborhoods, new love, and mourn the losses from which their youth can't shield them. They tell the truth." -Terry Wolverton, author