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Listen to Me:Shared Secrets from WriteGirl
Name: Listen to Me:Shared Secrets from WriteGirl
Description:The 7th Anthology from WriteGirl Mentors and Teens 
Product Detail:About the Book
Love, pain, relationships, cravings, neighbors, murder, boredom, mysteries, vegetarians and peacocks are just a few of the subjects inside the pages of Listen to Me: Shared Secrets from WriteGirl. Girls and women confess deeply personal stories and perspectives through carefully-crafted as well as spontaneous gems of poetry, fiction, scenes, songs and essays. An entire chapter offers a variety of writing experiments to help you discover and share your own secrets.

VOYA Book Review (December 2008) The short prose and verse selections are by turns raw, crackling with energy, naďve, knowing, and, above all, deeply personal, revealing the inner lives of strong but vulnerable females… WriteGirl’s wonderful, inspirational anthology belongs in every media center, public library, and creative writing class.
Features:Writing Experiments included 
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