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2011- 1.) ART AND LITERATURE - VOTE::*:* Bethany Huang’s debut novel The Eiffel Tower’s Daughter: The Truth Behind the Lies centers on a young girl’s search for truth, and she wrote it when she was only nine years old. Now 11, she has set a goal to write a book ever year and is currently working on her second book.
Sichan Siv, former United States ambassador to the United Nations, is driven to live up to his mother’s dictum: “Never give up hope.” His personal story, which he tells in his book, “Golden Bones,” is a true testament to this. Siv’s entire family, which was destroyed by the Khmer Rouge.
Wendy Maruyama is recognized as one of the premier furniture artists in the country. Her recent “Tag Project” commemorates the WWII Japanese-American internment.
Cecelia M. DeCastro, while finishing her bachelor’s degree from CSUNorthridge, apprenticed at Ma Cuisine, Ma Maison's Cooking School. After a year working under Chef Wolfgang Puck, she began teaching and developing her own culinary programs and in 1985 was invited by UCLA Extension to develop a certificate program in Culinary Arts.
Rima Fujita has dedicated her life to the Tibetan cause. She is a world-renowned artist and has donated her Tibetan-themed children's books with her gorgeous drawings to causes that benefit Tibetan children.
Whilce Portacio launched his career in the comic book industry when Marvel offered him an inking job in "Alien Legion" Portacio later joined forces with six other high-profile artists to form their own company called Image Comics.
2011- 2.) I NNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY:VOTE:* Bruce Geier , the President and CEO of Technology Integration Group (TIG), is an outstanding entrepreneur in the technology industry and in 2007 was named the #10 Most Innovative Executive of the Year by Computer Reseller News (CRN).
Paul Yu joined the UCSD faculty in 1983 and is a professor of electrical and computer engineering. In the 1980s, he pioneered the development of low-threshold-current semiconductor lasers for fiber-optic communications.
Jeane Chen, Executive Vice President, Engineering Blackbaud, has published 30 technical articles, holds 41 international patents, has more than 20 additional patents pending and conducted pioneering work on packet switching architecture and algorithms that serve as the foundation for the modern Internet.
2011- 3.) CULTURAL PRESERVATION:* Little Saigon Foundation is engaged in the economic revitalization, enhancement of social justice, and promotion of cultural diversity of Vietnamese communities in San Diego. The foundation also strives to ensure the fair representation of the Vietnamese community
Murray K. Lee is the Curator of Chinese American History at the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum. His recently published book In Search of Gold Mountain, A History of the Chinese in San Diego, California, is the culmination of years of research.
Dr. Albert Yu-Min Lin, as principal Investigator of the Valley of the Khans Project, a non-invasive technology based search for the tomb of Genghis Khan, has led multiple high-tech expeditions deep into the most remote parts of the world,
Gene Tagaban, a noted Tlingit storyteller and actor, shares his wisdom and talent via dance, native flute and storytelling, combining Cherokee, Tlingit and Filipino ancestry in his performances.
2011-4) ENTREPRENEURSHIP - VOTE:* Joseph Wong’s team of architects and designers at JWDA have built buildings throughout the Pacific Rim, from San Diego to Shanghai, winning more than 60 major awards.
Deven Patel and his Global Institute of Stem Cell Therapy provide stem cell-based treatments for people suffering from degenerative diseases and genetic disease.
Dan Hom, a fourth-generation San Diegan and community activist, established the public affairs and public relations agency, FOCUSCOM INC., which represents clients in government, technology, construction, hospitality and entertainment.
Louis Song is a founding member of PROVEN, a staffing and consulting firm that partners with companies to locate professionals in life science, information technology, engineering, finance, accounting and human resources.
2011- 5.) MILITARY VOTE:* Brig. Gen. Cary C. Chun is the first general in the U.S. Air Force of Filipino descent. As Deputy Commander, Joint Functional Component Command for Space, U.S. Strategic Command, and Director for Mission Operations, he helps lead all Department of Defense space forces.
Kevin Huynh , a Scripps Ranch High School student, has won selection as Joint Brigade Commander for the district’s Junior ROTC program for the next academic year.
LCDR Jeffrey S. Sotingco, currently at Defense Logistics Agency Aviation as the Material Control Officer and the Continuous Process Improvement Officer, has been recently selected to be in the Presidential Staff as the Director of Supply and Food Service Program in the White House Military Office.
2010- 6) MEDIA - VOTE::* Vannasone J. Keodara has undertaken a bigger role in spreading peace, freedom, human rights, with her voice around the globe as an international broadcaster for the Voice of America in Lao. She is a strong front-line activist who serves as cultural ambassador to educate others about her heritage.
Martin Yan, the celebrated host of over 3,000 cooking shows, broadcast worldwide, enjoys distinction as a certified Master Chef, a highly respected food consultant, a cooking instructor and a prolific author.
Hoa Quách, a reporter and editor for Patch Media, has written for San Diego News Network, Global Voices Online, Voices without Votes (a commission of Reuters), SignOnSanDiego.com, The Huffington Post, and Asia, The Journal of Culture & Commerce, edits books and coaches reporters.
The Epoch Times started publishing in Chinese in response to the growing need for uncensored coverage of events in China. Currently, the Epoch Times publishes in 17 languages, including English, in 33 countries across five continents.
Cora Oriel, with her husband, Roger, started the Asian Journal Publications, Inc. From a small staff and humble beginnings, it has grown into one of the biggest FilAm publishing firms in America.
2011- 7.) EDUCATION - VOTE::* Edward Park - In 2007 when he became principal of Barnard Elementary School in Point Loma, it was one of the worst public schools in the country. Now it is one of the best because of his creativity and vision, including establishment of a Mandarin immersion program.
Salvador Flor has been fighting for Asian and Pacific Islander students for more than 30 years, motivating assisting and counseling thousands of API high school graduates.
Michelle Lopez, in her role as administrator of SDSU’s Division of Undergraduate Studies, has helped many Asian and Pacific Islander students make grad school, with more than 50 accepted for doctorate studies.
Estela Matriano is a world renowned Filipino American educator specializing in multicultural and global education whose 40-year career has been dedicated to improving the lives of Filipinos, Asian Americans and other ethnic groups.
Hue Pham has helped Indochinese students and disadvantaged women pursue opportunities. Deemed one of “100 Most Influential Women in Orange County, she currently serves as Orange Coast College’s dean of counseling and special services.
2011 - 8.) HUMANITARIAN OUTREACH - VOTE::* Chanchanit (Chancee) Martorell has written on the topics of Asian poverty, community economic development, urban revitalization strategies, human trafficking and global capitalism and is known most notably for her work as an immigrant workers’ rights advocate and for her economic development work in low-income, minority urban communities.
Tzu Chi Foundation was established in 1966 by Venerable Dharma Master Cheng Yen. For over 44 years, the foundation has been contributing to better social and community services, medical care, education and humanism in Hualien and around the world.
The Chinese Community Church had its beginnings back in 1885 when the Chinese Mission School of San Diego was created to meet the needs of Chinese immigrants. The Church is affiliated with the United Church of Christ (UCC) but is autonomous and self-supporting.
The American Chinese Culture and Education Foundation (ACCEF) is a non-political, non-religious, and public charity organization dedicated to promoting Chinese culture and education in the United States, and helping less-privileged children in rural areas of China.
Le Ly Hayslip is a survivor of the Vietnam War. She has been the victim of all the horrors, both reported and unreported, for most of her life, but out of that has created a living legacy based on her humanitarian efforts on behalf of the suffering survivors of that war, in Vietnam and America.
2011- 9.) GOVERNMENT - VOTE::* Mitz Lee, in 28 years in San Diego, has amassed a long and distinguished record of service to the greater San Diego community. Most recently, she is co-founder of Filipino American Community Empowerment (FACE), a political action committee to empower the Filipino American community.
Mark Pulido was elected to the Cerritos City Council with a plurality of more than 5,000 votes, the most received by a signal candidate in the city’s history.
Julio DeGuzman, director of Community and Government Relations in San Diego City Attorney’s office. is a former investigator for that office and former Special Agent with the US Naval Criminal Investigative Services, only the second Filipino hired by the agency.
Lilbert “Gil” Ontai capped a distinguished commitment to community with his appointment to the California Citizens Redistricting Commission overseeing the reorganization of California legislative and U.S. Congressional districts.
Warren Furutani, for more than 40 years, has been a staunch advocate for equal opportunity, especially as it relates to education, in various appointed and elected positions, more recently representing the 55th Assembly District in the California Legislature.
2011- 10.) PERFORMING ARTS - VOTE:* The Confucius Institute at San Diego State University has been working on a project which aims at preserving a cultural treasure of China by fostering an exquisite modern American adaptation of the ancient Chinese classic Xi Xiang Ji (Romance of the Western Chamber).
Timothy Dang is an actor and theatre director originally from Hawaii. He serves as the artistic director at the Asian American theatre company, East West Players, in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, and won numerous awards for directing and performing, including two Ovation Awards.
Kenny Eng is one of the most unique voices in the San Diego singer/songwriter community with songwriting, versatility and virtuosity all as formidable skills that he has honed in the three years he has performed.
Robert A. Shroder, conductor/musical director of the Filipino American Symphony Orchestra, took up music at the University of the Philippines Conservatory of Music. He was the founding conductor of the Boyle Heights Youth SymphonY and the first Filipino-American in the symphony, which was founded in 2002.
The Moonlight Chinese Dance Group was established in June 2003 by a group of Chinese folk dance lovers to promote the development and appreciation of Chinese dance and culture in Southern California. Members unite from diverse backgrounds, from scientists, doctors, and computer engineers, to financial consultants, entrepreneurs, and CPAs.
2011- 11 BUSINESS ENTERPRISE - VOTE:* The National Association of Asian American Professionals connects professionals and helps develop leaders in the Asian and Pacific Islander community.
The Asian Business Association (ABALA) of Los Angeles , the largest non-profit, Asian membership-based, business group in California, was founded in 1976 to help Asian American businessmen and business women.
The Asian Business Association (ABAOC) of Orange County was founded in 1992 in response to the growing Asian American presence in Orange County.
2011- 12.) HEALTH AND MEDICINE - VOTE:* Dr. Shu Chien is the author of 450 peer-reviewed journal articles and editor of nine books. As professor bioengineering and medicine at UCSD, his main research currently is on mechanical forces and how they modulate molecular signaling and gene expression.
Dr. Christina Cao, as pharmacy director at San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital in Banning, California, uses her past experiences to drive her to make a better life for herself, her family and her community.
Dr Hiep Nguyen is one of the founding members of the San Diego Vietnamese Elderly Association, which regularly provides presentations on a variety of health topics, including smoking, hepatitis B and aging.
Dr. Liqin Zhao’s current and future research interests focus on broad but interrelated research areas that address women’s health, including menopause, aging, metabolic syndromes such as type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.
Operation Samahan is a community health center that serves low-income families and individuals in National City and Mira Mesa, with a high density population of Filipinos, Asians and low-income, uninsured individuals.
2011- 13.) LEGAL AFFAIRS - VOTE::* Palma Cesar Hooper, acting executive director of Southwest Center for Asian Pacific American Law, or SCAPAL. has been active in the legal and APIA community for many years, serving as president of the San Diego Alliance for Asian Pacific Islander Americans and Pan Asian Lawyers.
The Korean American Bar Association of San Diego since 2007 has worked to improve the legal status of Korean Americans and to integrate Korean American attorneys into the broader legal community.
Henry Tran, in private practice in San Gabriel, California, has served as Judge ProTem in the Los Angeles County court system, and is a legal advisor for the World Federation for the Development of Martial Arts.
Audie de Castro – Prior to becoming a partner in Shustak Frost & Partners, he ran a successful law practice and devoted many hours to the community, including serving as President of the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of San Diego.
Erika Hiramatsu is a deputy California state attorney general, who has also practiced juvenile dependency law at the trial and appellate levels. To advance diversity in the legal profession, she mentors law students and attorneys of color who are starting their practices.
Breana Ha - After working for the Alex L. Benedict in Hunting Beach for five years, she opened her own practice in San Diego seven years ago, specializing in personal injury, medical malpractice and estate planning. Her dream project is a community center uniting the Asian community in San Diego.
2011- 14,) COMMUNITY SERVICE - VOTE::* Thomas Hsieh is a social innovator and entrepreneur. Over the past 17 years he has innovated and applied a broad spectrum of strategies to address social justice issues and to achieve community transformation.
PTE-HOPE, Inc. promoted advocacy and changes through rallies, workshops, education, establishing relationship among organizations and understanding the needs and issues of all the communities.
Sara Pol-Lim, a survivor of the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields, is the first Cambodian woman to be the Executive Director of the United Cambodian Community, transforming the community of fears to the community of hope.
The Japanese American Citizens League is a national organization whose ongoing mission is to secure and maintain the civil rights of Japanese Americans and all others who are victimized by injustice and bigotry.
Alexander Nguyen, as Cultural Village Chair for the Vietnamese American Youth Association’s Tet Festival, has striven to emphasize the beauty of Vietnamese music and arts by inviting performers who not only can play and sing traditional music, but also are knowledgeable about its history and evolution.
David Wu has volunteered for the Cancer Coping Center, a nonprofit he co-founded, which provides creative activities and a sense of community for patients, their families and medical caregivers at camps, health fairs and even waiting rooms.
Donna Lee, during years of partnering with community organizations and individuals, has learned to support and contribute to fundraiser events, cultural fairs, and celebrations as well as planning, organizing and implementing them.
Dr. Chun-Long (Jerry) Tsung is president of the San Diego Taiwanese American Medical Association, whose members come from a variety of fields within the medical profession, and coordinator for the San Diego Taiwan Center's Music, Movie, and Documentary study series, which examines health issues such as the obesity in the United States and environmental issues such as global warming.