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Please submit your Volunteer Background Check Form to our Human Resources Manager, Claire Winstead, at cwinstead@arthritis.org or mail it to the Arthritis Foundation, Great West Region for processing: Attn: Claire Winstead, Arthritis Foundation, Great West Region- Seattle Office 115 NE 100th St., Suite 350 Seattle, WA 98125. *Form must arrive 2 weeks prior to event in order to be processed in time*

WAIVER: 1. In consideration of this application to participate in the Arthritis Foundationís JA Program being accepted, I hereby waive and forever discharge the sponsors, organizers, affiliates as well as their agents and employees from any and all claims that may occur as a result of my familyís participation. 2. I hereby grant the Arthritis Foundation specific permission to reproduce, publish, circulate, copyright, or otherwise use any and all photographs and/or videotape of me and/or my family taken at this JA Program for use by the Arthritis Foundation. 3. I understand that the Arthritis Foundation and the facility retain the right to enforce the rules of the JA Program and the facility and if necessary send home anyone infringing on the rights or safety of others.4. I understand that the Arthritis Foundation, JA Program, and the facility DO NOT carry accident insurance for the child or adult participants. I will be held responsible for providing my own insurance/medical coverage, if need be, for myself and all members of my family.


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